Top 7 Things To Do In San Clemente, CA

When you're not at the dentist in San Clemente, CA, there are lots of fun and interesting things to do. Whether you're looking for entertainment or just some time away from the ordinary routine of your day, San Clemente has plenty to offer. Some of my favorite things to do... Read more »

How Does Coffee And Tea Affect Your Teeth?

Although both coffee and tea are enjoyed by many, they can also have a negative effect on your teeth. Coffee is known to stain teeth more than tea does, but both drinks can cause yellowing and even browning over time. If you enjoy these drinks often, it’s important to take... Read more »

The Three Levels of Sedation Dentistry

Many patients struggle with the presence of dental anxiety that occurs when they consider the prospect of dental visits, even routine dental checkups. We can help you better understand your sedation dentistry options and which level of sedation is needed to help you feel calm and relaxed. By providing sedation... Read more »

Limit Your Intake of These Substances that Cause Tooth Stains

Your teeth have tiny and porous mineral crystals that make up the tooth enamel layer, and the porous texture can easily trap staining particles when you consume dark foods and drinks, causing tooth stains. To help your teeth whitening treatment last longer, we advise that you avoid substances that result... Read more »

Does Mouthwash Really Help?

These days it seems like there’s an endless supply of different products that are supposed to help your oral health. From specialized floss to toothbrushes that run in the neighborhood of $150 or more, it’s hard to separate what works from the gimmicks. One of the time-tested solutions, though, is... Read more »