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San Clemente Dentist Dr. Obaidi Offers Quality All-On-4 Implant-Supported Dentures

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San Clemente, CA, April 5, 2021 – Dr. Anmar Obaidi of O Dental in San Clemente, a dentist with over 20 years of clinical dental experience, offers a revolutionary way to achieve a clean-looking, substantial smile restoration: All-On-4 implant-supported dentures. This treatment is a hybrid between the practicality of dental implants and dentures’ affordability that delivers the best of both worlds. All-On-4 may put many denture-users at ease, addressing concerns they may have.


Quality All-On-4 Dental Implants in San Clemente, CA, from Dr. Obaidi

The All-On-4 system allows for a full replacement of teeth on both the upper and lower jaw by utilizing four individual implants in the mouth. It provides a permanent solution for restoring your smile and filling in the gaps, working in tandem with implant-supported dentures, which are similar to traditional dentures.

All-On-4 does a great job holding these dentures in place, something many denture-wearing patients have struggled with. Loosely floating dentures pose a problem by limiting the ability to speak, eat, and smile with ease. At the same time, dentures remain a very cost-effective means for having a complete smile, made even more effective with the All-On-4 system. If you currently have dentures, Dr. Obaidi could work around them and update you with implant-supported dentures.

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All-On-4 Installation at O Dental

All-On-4 works very similarly to traditional dental implants: The doctor screws a post, or in this case four posts, into your jawbone and leaves them in for around 12 weeks to allow healing. Once the bone has grown back and formed itself around the posts, securing them into place, Dr. Obaidi will secure the patient’s dentures into place.

Patients who undergo All-On-4 report feeling like they got their natural teeth back and say they function better than ever before. The procedure is quite simple and comes with a high success rate. Dr. Obaidi is a top-rated dental implant specialist in San Clemente, and he’ll work out a plan with you at your first examination. Dr. Obaidi can even fix older dental implants that have incurred damages.


About Dr. Anmar Obaidi

A graduate of the University of Southern California and King’s College of London, Dr. Obaidi has multiple dental qualifications in oral surgery, orthodontics, and even pediatric dentistry. Over time, his holistic approach to dentistry has developed with an emphasis on customizing his treatment for each patient.

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Dr. Obaidi’s holistic touch caters to those who suffer from dentist anxiety, nervousness, and phobias. He focuses on restoring the patient’s positive energy in his office and creates different, evolving techniques to deliver quality care. Dr. Obaidi and the O Dental team excel at working with seniors, delicately treating them with dentures and All-On-4 implants.

O Dental is a family dental practice dedicated to building long-term relationships with patients. Dr. Obaidi treats patients of all ages, from senior citizens to children as young as four. Anyone curious about All-On-4 or traditional dental implants can give Dr. Obaidi a call at O Dental in San Clemente at (949) 264-0305 to set up an appointment or to ask any questions.